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"Utah couple finds success returning to farming."

Joel and Becca Ferry are a typical farming family, at first glance. They are raising their family the same way Joel was raised, on the farm. But take take a closer look, and you learn their story is remarkable. Their journey back to the family farm is different than most young farmers because they didn’t know that they wanted to farm, at least not at first...

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Farming & Family: The Ferry's

"Welcome to day 10 of our 31 days of Farming and Family series!  The thing that struck me most about today's family is that they farm with some amazing views!  I've never visited their home state but their photos make me want to hop the next plane..."

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Utah Farm Bureau: Joel & Becca Ferry

Joel & Becca Ferry represent District 3 (Davis, Salt Lake & Tooele counties) on the state Ag Promotions Committee. The Ag Promotion Committee is committed to inspiring all Utah families to connect, succeed and grow through the miracle of agriculture.

Utah Farm Bureau