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Standing for Northern Utah

Ready to Serve

I’m running for this seat because I'm passionate about making our community better. I want to make this area of our state a better place to raise a family and start a business. I want to take northern Utah values to the state capitol.


A Native to Northern Utah

Joel Ferry was born and raised in West Corinne, Box Elder County and has always loved the land and community spirit that’s felt in Northern Utah.


Not Afraid of Hard WOrk

 Joel has worked as an Analyst and Loan Officer for Zions Bank Corporation and currently operates a vertically intergraded ranching, farming and feedlot operation in Corinne. In addition, he manages commercial buildings and hunting properties.


Dedicated to Family

Joel and his wife Becca are raising their five children on the farm. They enjoy hunting, camping and traveling together.


Volunteer for the Campaign

To be successful, every campaign needs help. If you're interested in helping, you're hired. Below, you'll see a few ways you can get involved.


Place Signs

We always need help placing signs. Let us know if you'd like a sign or can help us get them posted throughout the district.

Tell your Friends and Neighbors about Joel

Walk your neighborhood, tell your church group, or visit the local community center to let them know you support Joel.

Social Media

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