Meet Joel Ferry

Northern Utah Native


Joel Ferry was born and raised in West Corinne, Box Elder County and has always loved the land and community spirit that’s felt in Northern Utah. Joel graduated from Box Elder High School in 1996 and served an LDS mission to Brazil. He graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Economics and Finance in 2003. 

Professional Work

Upon graduating, he worked as an Analyst and Loan Officer for Zions Bank Corporation and currently operates a vertically intergraded ranching, farming and feedlot operation in Corinne. In addition, he manages commercial buildings and hunting properties. 

In 2013 Joel and Becca were named the Top Young Farmer and Rancher by the Utah Farm Bureau and in 2018 Joel was named Conservationist of the year by the Intermountain West Joint Venture. 

Civic Engagement

Politics have always been important to Joel and he is passionate about making his community better. He has served in leadership positions including the Chairman of the Box Elder County Republican Party, Treasurer of the Box Elder County Republican Party, Utah Farm Bureau, Chairman of the Willard Peak Chapter of Delta Waterfowl, Treasurer of the Friends of the Bear River Bird Refuge, and Member of the Northern Regional Advisory Council for the Division of Wildlife Resources. 

Family Life

Joel and his wife Becca are raising their five children on the farm. They enjoy hunting, camping and traveling together.